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Ilhabela tree nursery and reforestation group
12 to 14 November 2011

We were happy to receive a group of teachers and students from Ilhabela and São Sebastião, students of professor Tiago who heads the tree nursery of Ilhabela. They learned about our sustainable and integrated model of agriculture and helped us identify some trees and appreciate the existing biodiversity.

After traveling overnight, the group started the day planting trees on
an open space in the nearby town of Igaraí as part of a larger project with
architects from São Paulo and Chicago.

The project brings together the visitors and the local population
in planting and caring for the trees.

A special focus is on involving the children to be godfathers and
godmothers of the trees and take responsibility for them.

After a morning of heat and hard work the group is back at the FAF for a lunch of fresh
and locally sourced organic produce, most of the vegetables grown on the Fazenda itself.

A tour of the Fazenda provided oppurtunity to learn about the difference of
shade-grown “passive organic” coffee and the active organic coffee plantation.

We also identified and appreciated the variety of trees growing there
and learned about their importance in the ecosystem.

On the next day we planted more trees in cooperation with the
“Olho d’Agua” initiative at the site of a revived spring.

Again, different groups of people came together learning from each other and
about the different native tree species we were planting in the magical feeling of
starting something which will benefit many generations to come.

The team proudly assembles at the “Projeto Refloresta” –
www.replantingarainforest.org sign after their work.

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