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The concept of sustainability starts with the person. A person needs a healthy diet, a good rest in order to develop and grow habits that help others besides him or herself.

The concept of sustainability is then global. It involves Health, Ecology, Social Studies, Politics, Economics that should all be practiced by all whenever possible.

Sustainability in Agriculture has been long discussed all over the world in a time when it is growing as an alternative methodology and a  more ecologically friendly form of production.

One of the features of the concept of sustainability is that the entire cycle of productivity is performed inside the community, bringing a balance between production and consumption.

It provides for stable production over a long period of time, leads to a healthy life and promotes biodiversity by taking into consideration the soil, the water, the air and the creation of conditions for individual development.

It promotes good relationships with neighbors by preserving the environment and caring for those who live in it.

It is a set of transformations the most important of which must occur in people's consciousness.

All that is part of the core beliefs of the work developed by FAF.

The FAF team is constantly searching for a new environmental agriculture methodologies and more friendly ecological and social practices.
In order to spread the word about these principles, FAF organizes several workshops and educational programs in partnerships with Universities, Schools and other organizations.  Look at our News section to read more about these visits.
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