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Interns at FAF

Seven years after taking over the administration of Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) we, Silvia and Marcos, can look back and appreciate the work of the volunteers who came to the farm to contribute with their work, dedication, love and faith in the principles of the change of paradigm, which we defend.
They are the ones who brought technical expertise greatly needed for the success of our project; and they are the ones who, with their faith, have been feeding the soul of the farm. Because of them, we decided to continue to create special occasional opportunities for new interns. From the bottom of our hearts, our thank you to our interns.

If you were an intern at FAF, please help us build the history of students who worked with us. Download the file below in your computer, fill it out and send the file with pictures to silbarretto@aol.com.

Watch the video for Critical Spatial Practices 2008

We will publish the information in our web site
and share your experiences with other students.
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